Get Ready to Glow

BY: MIKAYLA SHIANNE @mikayla.shianne

Throughout 2017, we have seen a very prominent beauty trend: glow. From something as minimal as a subtle cheek highlight to a full glam strobe to the face, it is a look you can wear every day as well as to parties such as our Strike Midnight event in November. This is a trend I am in love with, and continue to experiment with, as the possibilities are seriously endless.


Spotlight on the Glow Trend

The beauty trend encompasses cheekbones as well as lips, bringing melted metals and glossy lips to the table, and bringing back those 90’s vibes we are all reminiscing about. In fact, one of the biggest beauty trends of the recent 2018 fashion weeks was just that: glitter and glow. From adding Swarovski crystals to the strands of models' hair at the Dries Van Noten show to something as simple as a no-makeup makeup look featuring stunning face shaping glow, it was gorgeous. Some runway shows,  such as Stella Jean, even went as far as adding holo glitter to models' eyelids.

Good news is, you don’t have to break the bank to carry on the glow trend; drugstore brands are getting in on the trend with bargain beauty brands releasing new highlights and strobe liquids monthly. Of course, your favourite luxury beauty brands are slamming Sephora’s shelves with new innovations for that “glow up” that we are all searching for.

Unlike cat eyes and a face-altering contour, Highlighting is foolproof; you can hardly mess it up! Just a swipe to the cheekbones and you are ready to hit up the next fashion party or runway show on your schedule.


four Favourites to get the Ultimate Glow Look

I have done my fair share of scouting out the best new highlight or glosses, and I wanted to share my top 4 to help your Strike Midnight makeup look come together.

#1 Champagne Pop

First and top of my list is Becca’s Champagne Pop; a shade you have probably run tired of hearing about, but it is worth every rave. The stunning golden glow provides you with a light sheen to your face without bombarding your skin with chunky pieces of glitter. It lasts all day and doesn’t streak or run for my fellow oily gals out there.

#2 Cover FX

If you aren’t sure on which colour or finish of highlight you are on the look for, the Cover FX Perfect Light Highlighting Palette is perfect. It has a palette for light & deep skin tones with the option of a golden highlight, or a cooler toned highlight in both a creme finish and powder. Both great on their own, or layered formulas for an even dewier glow; great for beginners!

#3 Fenty Beauty’s Gloss Bomb

Moving onto a “lip highlight,” I have been loving Fenty Beauty’s Gloss Bomb. Rihanna really hit the nail on the head with this formula; both nourishing and non-sticky, this gloss provides a light peachy tone with a gorgeous glow straight from a magazine ad.

#4 Becca’s Crystal Glow Gloss

Last but certainly not least, we have another Becca product. Becca really knows how to pump out great highlights and glows whether for face or lips, and the liquid crystal glow glosses are with it. I have the shade Champagne Dream x Bellini, aka. Champagne pop for your lips. Great as a lip topper or on it’s own, it gives a beautiful glow without being over dramatic foil or metallic look, and lasts impressively long for a gloss. Also, it smells amazing so how could you go wrong?

With the Strike Midnight party approaching in a few weeks, you have the perfect excuse to go test some highlights and practice your party glow. Whether you go for one of my picks or try something new, just remember to have fun! Go get your glow on!