Interview w/ Sarah Runnalls

By: Emma Newton @emm.bellish

Long time no see, Victoria! Did you miss us? We're back and gearing up for new and exciting things here at VicFW. So if you missed our launch event, don't worry! Keep an eye on our social media for announcements on what's coming next, but until then, we have an exclusive interview with designer Sarah Runnalls to keep you going.


Sarah's collection was one of the standouts of the launch event, and has continued to garner attention long after the show has ended. At the event, there was a lot of chatter about the clothing she presented. We were delighted to hear that, according to Sarah, “I've gotten only really positive feedback from my spring line. It's the first collection I've done in a few years so it's really nice to be doing what I love and have people's support and interest in my work.” She has continued to see the positivity resulting from her hard work, saying “I've had several people ask to collaborate since the show for editorials and different types of shoots.” And, there's definitely no shortage of creative minds in and around Victoria for her to work with, as Sarah herself has noted. “I was surprised to see how many people there are in the fashion industry here in Victoria” she continues “whether it be designers or photographers or models, there are a bunch of people interested in fashion and it's nice to see we have that community here.”

So amongst all of these other creative people, what makes Sarah's garments stand out? For starters, everything is painstakingly handmade by Sarah herself, making each piece of clothing perfect down to the last detail. And with the clean lines and minimalist silhouettes that make up Sarah's collection, there's really no room for error. As with her spring/summer collection, we can expect a continuation of this aesthetic from her next showing. “Fall/winter is my favourite season to design for” says Sarah “so I've got some interesting plans for it. I'm going to stick with my minimalistic silhouettes but go heavy with textures and application.” Her delicate yet architectural style won over the hearts of VicFW attendees, so her next collection is sure to be another hit. But don't just take our word for it, head over to Sarah's Instagram (sarahrunnallscollection) to see for yourself. Or, keep an eye out for the launch of the website that's currently in the works, since she has “mostly been working on the online side of [her] business, getting a proper website up and running and stuff like that.“


We are really looking forward to seeing what Sarah Runnalls comes up with next, after the killer show she put on at the VicFW launch. Her fresh, modern take on design is sure to impress, and we'll be keeping a close watch on what she debuts this fall. Do you have a favourite piece from her collection? Or maybe you're just dying to own one of her designs? Sarah's pieces are available to purchase from her Etsy storefront, srunnallscollection.