VicFW Designer Spotlight: Dee Ellis

By: Emma Newton @emm.bellish

Clothier, trained chef, and blacksmith, Dee Ellis is a designer who literally has cutting edge style. Dee creates fashionable chef's garments as well as artisan kitchen knives, and of course his fashion label, Dellis, that he'll be presenting at VFW. Though this is his first runway show, he's already built an impressive portfolio of versatile pieces that are perfect for the modern man, including some garments which can transition into women's wear. As an up and coming designer, Dee will definitely be one to watch, and we know you'll be just as impressed with his collection as we are. So, we sat down with him to find out more about what we can expect to see from his debut show.

Model: Joseph Ephraim  |  Designer: Dee Ellis|  Photography: Al Smith

Model: Joseph Ephraim  |  Designer: Dee Ellis|  Photography: Al Smith

1. What makes you stand out as a designer?

With this fashion show, the most obvious difference is that I think I might be the only male designer and with a masculine menswear line. I've designed some women's clothes before but menswear is my strength. I use almost exclusively black fabrics and I think people will definitely be able to attribute my designs to my own personal style when they see me. I love experimenting with layering different lengths of black from shirts to the jacket.

2. Since this is your first show, what are you most looking forward to about it?

I'm looking forward to seeing my designs come to life and how they look on actual people! The experience is going to be great, as well as the feedback.

Model: Joseph Ephraim  |  Designer: Dee Ellis|  Photography: Al Smith

Model: Joseph Ephraim  |  Designer: Dee Ellis|  Photography: Al Smith

3. What do you draw inspiration from?

I like to think of how work wear can be reimagined into everyday wear, and how regular clothes can be made unique by creating them in unpredictable sizes or lengths.

4. What type of person do you design for, if any in particular?

I design for myself, to be honest. "If I wouldn't wear it, I'm not going to make it."