How-to: Radiant Skin for Big Events

By: Emma Newton @emm.bellish

I am a self professed skincare addict. So, while I’m planning my outfit for any big events, I’m always planning how to put my best face forward and set a good base for my makeup. Not sure how to get your skin camera ready in time? Fear not, I’ve got a list of tips and tricks that are guaranteed to give you the get-up-and-glow you need for the night!


Start Early

The thing about the delicate skin on your face is that it won’t usually take to a new routine immediately and, like a stubborn teenager, it may fight you a bit before it accepts that you’re trying to help it. With that in mind, don’t leave the dramatic changes until the night before an event. Take the time to start slowly introducing new products and routines weeks before the event, and always patch test before covering your whole face in something you’ve never used before.

If you’re planning on trying a new product or treatment in preparation for Strike Midnight (or any other event), do it at least a week before, to account for the possibility of an adverse reaction or redness/irritation that may occur. I always think that red is a great colour for lipstick, but not so much for my whole face.

Giving yourself a good cushion of time to slowly work up to the main event will help you avoid stressing your skin with too many treatments at once, which can end up backfiring and sending any facial problems into overdrive.


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Keep Up the Good Work

The event is fast approaching, so what’s next? First of all, give yourself a pat on your back for sitting through all of that. You have more patience than I do, and I salute you. After all that effort, you’ll want to make sure you keep reaping the rewards all the way up to Strike Midnight. A couple of days before the event, double down on your skincare routine, which should include cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturising. Avoid foaming cleansers or products with sulfates, which strip away your skin’s natural moisture barrier and contribute to a dull complexion, undoing all your hard work.

You can help avoid breakouts by washing all your sheets, pillowcases, towels, and anything else that regularly comes in contact with your face and runs the risk of getting oily or covered in bacteria. If you do end up getting a couple of face demons, don’t panic. Just dab some tea tree oil on them and leave them overnight. By morning, they should be tamed!

This is also a good time to pluck or wax, so that you won’t have too much stubble by the time of the event, but you also won’t have any remaining bumps or irritation.


Treat Yourself the Night Before

Here comes the fun part. Now you just get to kick back and treat yourself to your very own at home spa treatments! Assuming you’ve followed the advice given above, your skin should already be in good shape for the following day. All that’s left now is to make sure it stays that way, by giving it a little extra boost.

I personally love doing a face mask or two before a night out. I find that my skin looks best the day after I do one, so that makes the night before an event the perfect time to put on a mask. I like to double up on my masks, to make the most of the benefits they provide depending on what the different areas of my face needs. For example, I have the worst pores in the world, so I usually apply a charcoal mask on my T-Zone (cheeks, nose, and between eyebrows). But, since charcoal masks can be drying and the rest of my face is really sensitive, I generally use a more soothing lavender based mask everywhere else, to combat redness and dry spots. It’s also a good idea to apply your mask right after showering, after the steam has prepped your face for you.

If you’re like me, you probably like to indulge in some junk food while treating yourself to a face mask. But, hard though it may be, I would recommend you set aside the salty snacks, which can contribute to water retention and bloating and leave you with puffy eyes in the morning.

Finally, after you’ve removed your face mask, make sure to follow up with a toner to lock in the goodness from your masks. After all that, have any early bedtime! You’ll wake up fresh faced and ready to party until midnight. Now, glow forth and conquer!