The Perfect #VicFW Launch Event Ensemble

By Emma Newton @emm.bellish

With less than a month left until our Victoria Fashion Week launch event, time is running out to plan for the big night. Maybe you're like me and you leave everything until the last minute (oops!), but if you like to plan things in advance, here's a checklist of our absolute-must-have's for your outfit, to help you stand out from the crowd in all the right ways.


Start from the ground up – choose shoes that are stylish, without sacrificing comfort. Don't wear heels too high, you'll need shoes that will carry you through the night from start to finish. Try some fringed or studded booties to add an unexpected edge to your outfit!

photo by emm.bellish


We love the look of a flirty, feminine dress paired with a slightly tougher pair of shoes. Make a statement with the contrast of hard vs soft, and transition seamlessly from watching the runway to grabbing drinks with your friends afterwards.

photo by apoelise


La la la. Just twirl you hair if you can't think of a pose. πŸ’πŸΌπŸ’™

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Keep it simple with dainty layered pieces that compliment your outfit, without taking away from it. The smaller your pieces, the more you can get away with wearing all at once, giving you the opportunity to mix and match more styles to make your outfit pop.

photo by madspow


So dainty πŸ‘ΈπŸΌ

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Go for understated makeup that will last throughout the night and let your outfit do all the talking. Dewy skin, neutral lips, a soft eye, and a bold brow are all that you need for a fresh, youthful look that will pair perfectly with your outfit.

photo by momomakeupp


Get the best of both worlds, with a half up/half down hairdo. Play around with braids, textures, or decorative bobby pins to add extra interest to your locks. And the best part is, this type of style works for almost any hair length!

photo by fernxallysa