Thank you to everyone who was involved in Strike Midnight!
Stay tuned for details about our next event, coming up in March 2018.


The first party of it's kind on Vancouver Island

Inspired by the after hours parties that happen in iconic public spaces in large cities, Strike Midnight offered an exclusive experience for the fashion-forward, the culture lovers, the avant-garde and the cosmopolitan to come together, look spectacular, and toast to the outstanding fashion scene right here in our big little city.  

An elite showcase of the international calibre fashion talent that exists right here in Victoria, this event dispelled the tired myths that our city has no real style, no good shopping, and nowhere to wear nice things.

As a budding cultural institution, Victoria Fashion Week aims to promote the city’s existing fashion industry, discover new talent and create an internationally acclaimed fashion culture. Strike Midnight shines a light on the incredible fashion scene that already exists, revealing to ourselves and to the international community that we are more than ready to host our first full-scale international Fashion Week in March 2018.

"Fashion wasn’t what you wore someplace anymore; it was the whole reason for going"  - Andy Warhol